Great Tips For Seasonal Skin Care Changes

Less proved to be more on the spring/summer catwalks, with many shows featuring faces that were a picture of polished, nearly naked perfection. At Calvin Klein and Celine, the finish was unpowdered and slightly sheeny, with a delicate rosy flush, a look that was subtly matted down at Chloé. Shade-wise, pale can be distinctly interesting, while bronzy shades may be used to sculpt the cheeks sharply mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes.

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How to… go nude

  • Prep your skin peachy. Use Garnier PureActive Exfo-Brusher Wash to loosen dead skin cells and maintain a super-smooth surface.
  • Before making up, cleanse skin scrupulously, then apply a foundation that seamlessly evens up skin tone, such as Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation. Blend from the middle of the face outwards, so none strays into the hairline.
  • Alternatively, use an air light concealer such as Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer to hide areas of high colour or shadows, tapping it on lightly and blending well.
  • For a sheeny finish, leave well alone. If you feel too shiny, dust your complexion with a subtle veil of Rimmel Silky Loose Face Powder.
  • Swirl Collection 2000 Blush on the apple of your cheeks. For a more sculptured look, sweep on a bolder stroke of colour from George Bronzing Compact under the cheekbones, working outwards and upwards and blending well. Team with caramel and taupe shades on eyes – apply the lightest hue on the eyelid and a darker shade in the socket line and under the lower lashes.

Statement lipstick

Who says summer lips have to stay au naturel? Lips were orange bright and vinyl glossy at Sonia Rykiel and Prada, cutely coral at Moschino and Missoni and in the pink at Marc by Marc Jacobs.

How to… come on strong

  • Don’t over-line lips, especially with a crayon – it looks too hard-edged for laid-back spring/summer. Instead, use a lipbrush loaded with colour from the lipstick you’re going to use, then fill in. Blot and reapply for extra staying power. Try a lipstick with a voluptuous texture, such as George Moisturising Lipstick or Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipcolor.
  • Alternatively, use a neutral lipstick that’s a shade or two deeper than your natural lip colour, then add a glaze such as Rimmel Stay Glossy Lipgloss or Collection 2000 Pure Gloss Sheer Lipgloss in a bright, zingy shade over the top. This gives lips 3-D depth and youthful juiciness.
  • If you’re keeping your base relatively sheeny, you can afford to contrast it with a slightly more matte lip colour. Likewise, if you’re keeping foundation matte, you can gloss up your lips.

Sun-kissed tans

On the catwalks, there was a lightness of touch when it came to tans – girls looked fresh and sporty at Stella McCartney, Donna Karan and YSL, proving you don’t have to over-gild the lily.

How to… take a gilt trip

  • When it comes to the faux glow, rather than go all out with a dark, heavy fake tan, try a mist-on formulation, such as Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Spray in Light. Or switch to daily lotions that impart a hint of a tint that builds throughout the week, such as Johnson Holiday Skin Body Lotion or Garnier Summerbody Moisturising Lotion Sun-Kissed Look.
  • Alternatively, try Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan Make Up, blending well for a halo of colour. Or use a rich body lotion such as Vaseline Cocoa Butter and then apply touches of bronzer to your collarbones, shoulders and shins, mimicking where the sun hits. Try brushing on Maybelline Dream SunGlow or Collection 2000 Mosaic Glow.
  • Remember, even when you’re sporting a counterfeit tan, you need to use a sunscreen with an appropriate SPF for your skin type whenever you’re out in the sun. Garnier Ambre Solaire Light & Silky Protection Mist SPF20 has a lovely fresh texture.

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