How to Be Absolutely Sure That Your Guy is in Love With You & Isn’t Just Playing Around! Read This

Are you being assailed by doubts and fears as to whether he really cares for you or not? Rather than being plagued with these fears, it is better to read the signs and find out whether he really loves you or whether you are being taken for a ride. Follow these tips and make sure that he falls deeply in love with you mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes.

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Be witty
A guy is a sucker for girls who laugh at their jokes, be witty and also at the same time have a zest for life! Girls who are too serious, grumpy and naggers fail to keep their men. On the other hand happy, charming and smart girls are very attractive to men. So lighten up!

Be real!
No matter how tempting it is to pretend to be more attractive, seductive, sexy and interesting than you really are, it is wise to be yourself. The moment the guy realizes that you are pretending and are a fake – he will begin to lose interest. Keep him attracted in you by being completely honest even if he has to see some of your flaws. He will be totally charmed by you.

Listen and sympathize
You will endear yourself to him if you take the time and trouble to stop talking and really listen to what he has to say for a change. If you learn to talk less and listen more, he will be thrilled with you. Needless to say, it will keep him madly in love with you.

Make him feel special and loved
The more you cater to his needs both physical and emotional; he will be captivated by you. Have a ladylike demeanor and show him your feminine side so that he gets the chance to be your knight in shining armor. Don’t do the small irritating things that women do like gossiping and nit picking and you can be assured of his love.

Be tantalizing and seductive
All men love their women to flirt shamelessly with them. The more you kiss, caress and flutter your lashes at him, the more he is going to stay under your spell. Make him desire you and long for your company by being his “perfect woman”. There is no way he is going to fall out of love with you if you keep him completely satisfied.

Be faithful to him
Don’t flirt with other guys and cheat on him and you will have his undying devotion and love. The moment he feels that you are being unfaithful; he is going to lose his respect and love for you. Show and prove to him that you have eyes just for him and wish to remain so. He will reciprocate in like manner.

Don’t tie him down
No matter how loving and compassionate you are, if you try to tie him to your apron strings or clip his wings, he will want to break free. Prove your love and trust by letting him go a bit! Trust him enough to have an enjoyable time with his friends. Be cheerful and understanding when he goes out and he will stay in love with you.

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