10X Makeup Mirror

A 10x makeup mirror is usually a very small magnification mirror that’s designed to be carried around in a woman’s handbag, to be taken out whenever makeup needs applying 3d mink lashes  3d mink l

Custom Eyelash Packaging
Custom Eyelash Packaging


They’re very useful when you’re trying to cover small imperfections because it means that you can use makeup without having to bombard the area with it. It allows you to target small and specific areas and apply your makeup much more accurately than using a regular mirror.



The fact that it’s a 10x magnification 3d mink lashes  3d mink lashes  mirror really helps it achieve this goal, because it effectively presents a zoomed in image of your face. This means it’s much easier to see where the small problem areas are – such as small outbreaks of blackheads or acne. From here the application of makeup is applied, but the main difference using this method as opposed to using a normal mirror is that you can apply only the smallest amount of makeup and still cover the area.

If you had a normal mirror you wouldn’t be able to see nearly as clearly so it would mean that to make sure you had covered everything you’d applied more than you needed. As soon as you apply more than you need then it makes it look like you’re trying to cover something up, as well as making it look like you wear too much makeup in general.

They’re really great little gadgets, but 3d mink lashes  they’re surprisingly expensive and can cost 20-70 dollars very easily. However I wouldn’t let the price put you off because you
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